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Privacy policy

Use of personal data

This website collects personal data during your browsing on this website.
This data includes location, engagement, pages visited, time visited and content interacted with, as well

as your IP address used to visit the site. It also collect your stated name, surname and e-mail address in case of using the sites e-mail form.

Data is collected by browsing and interacting with elements on this website, as well as filling out forms.

It is used to operate this website, gather data on traffic, enable contact between visitors and administration (site owner) as well as to comply with national and international laws and regulations regarding data privacy.

All data is stored on the Wix platform and adheres to their privacy policies and is safely stored on their secure servers.

I reserve the right to change the privacy policies at any later date in the future, so please review them upon a site update.

If you wish to have your information removed or no longer wish it to be processed, please contact me under

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