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The noosphere whispers... from an age of steel and flesh. Of artificial suns, heavens held up by arcane spires and the rising embers of madness.

The ruined megastructure of Eocta, "The Hollow Strata", has been the playground of beast, abomination and self-declared gods. Exhausted and with no clear victor, the order of the wardens established a new order within the strata: One of denial, so that none may claim their ultimate price. At the cost of the weak and innocent of Eocta, their status quo has rotted and corrupted life in its stagnancy. From a chance encounter between a warden called Mara and a peculiar stray begins a chain of events that threaten the fragile balance of Eocta and stir the ambitions of the gods once again... 

Aimed to release Q3 2024

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