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My work, for you

My creative journey isn't a lonely one. It's one build on the support, collaboration and care for and from others: Other artists and fans alike.

Without you, none of this would be possible.

This dedication exists for you, because you matter in this endeavor just as much as I do, and deserve respect and support in return.


I work for you, and you support me for my work. My responsibilities are to you and you alone: The fan supporters. To you I owe it to bring the most authentic work I can, without regards for third-party interests.


Be it editorial overreach, publisher interests, potential business opportunities, or 

moral condemnations against my person or my work: I only answer to you.

If anything stands in conflict with what you came to me for, I will always choose you.

This is a responsibility I also apply to myself: To not heel-turn for purely personal interests towards something you do not support. To not retcon my stories, ignore

canon or edit past works. Things will stay as they are, warts and all, because that is what you came for.


Running a creative business bring also questions of business ethics.

On top of not altering past works or selling your support short to third-party interests, one also has to be vigilant about who (and what) to support with your business.

Therefore, I see to only support and work with other businesses and creatives that share in those same values. those with no respect for creatives, their work or their audience will find no business with me. Likewise, the use of services and collaboration with companies/publishers/etc. actively exploiting creatives and/or customers will never find themselves my clients.

One part of that commitment is my zero-tolerance policy to the use of Gen-AI, which runs on indiscriminate intellectual property violation. Be it ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, Firefly or whichever services follow: They will never be part of my workflow. Its a responsibility I have to both other creatives, and you.


I am responsible to you. Your support represents a commitment and an investment. You are placing your trust into me and my work. There is nothing more shameful than exploiting that trust, few things as humiliating as failing it.

If you support me, be it through commissions, subscriptions, merch purchases or donations, you deserve all the transparency you are owed. It is my responsibility to treat your support with integrity and deliver on what I promise.

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