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KERKA update (22.08.23)

It's been a while (or here, rather a first)

I am happy to finally bring you a more comprehensive update on the state of KERKA, showing some late WiPs for the first pages, as well as a projected release date for the comic proper! You waited long enough for it, finally you can begin getting a proper look into the grim science fantasy world of Eocta, and know when you can dive headfirst into a story of technomancy divine and profane!

The state of the comic

As of writing this update, a couple of things did change. No mayor rewrites like the nightmare of having to rewrite nearly the entire mid-section of the comic. Rather, a handful of adjustments did happen. Those won't slow down the overall production however, but will add a couple of extra pages total to the final comic.

Right now, it is set up at 107, but it might blow up towards ~120 with the adjustments planned.

Right now, 7 pages are almost fully illustrated and ready. They constitute the "intro" of the comic book. I project to have about 50 pages ready for when the comic goes public.

The release date & window

The current projected release date for KERKA : Zyklus is the 25th of November!

It will see the release of the entire intro + the next double page on GlobalComix. The intro will be for free, where the next pages can be red by subscribing for early access.

From there, KERKA will follow a weekly release schedule of one double page a week. While new pages are coming out at a steady pace, I will be working to complete the first book proper.

I cannot give a 100% accurate completion date for the comic, but I estimate to be done at around April 2024. Ideally, I could spend that time to get the second book ready for publication around the same time as this one (if not done entirely).

In the meantime, there is plenty of other work to be done

If you followed my work, you might have noticed that I began migrating it away from Twitter (now X). Truth be told, with the way things are run, I can hardly keep trusting this platform to stay around much longer. I've set up a backup Tumblr in anticipation for either Musk giving it the killing blow, or it being geo-blocked in the EU.

Besides that, there are still my Instagram, Ko-fi (which might become a sort of pseudo-twitter and commission front both) and of course my own website BONSAICRAFTS. The later will soon have an e-mail subscription option, so stay tuned for the announcement!

Lastly, I heard you, and there will be a KERKA painting series coming up soon. I expect it be done within the month. Keep your eyes peeled for more, because this is going to be a big one!

Thank you for reading and see you again soon for more info, WiPs and updates!

All images in this post are works in progress and do not reflect the quality of the final comic


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