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About myself, and this site

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I am "TheBONSAI", a freelancing illustrator and budding comic book artist.

Having worked with many private clients on different creative illustration and design projects in the past, I am now moving to break into independent comic book publishing (and some paid gigs as well).

My digital illustrations are defined by their rough rendering style and grungy appearance, predominantly in the genre of dark science fiction fantasy. Mature work for a mature audience.

Take your time browsing my site, away from the streams of social media.

From my collective curated work in the portfolio to my personal art and culture blog with project updates and announcements:

This is the central place to stay up-do-date on all the important developments on my creative projects.

I believe that audiences deserve the best work a creative can deliver, and the best work is authentic.

Authenticity is the core of all great art:

The artists unashamed and undiluted vision. Honest in its portrayal, warts and all, unmarred by corporate overreach or self-censorship.

To that end, no matter what happens:
I will always work for you to get the most authentic versions of my work. I do not create for "the algorithm", the interests of suits, or the sensibilities of moral busy bodies.

My work is for you!

My work is for you!

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Your support means the world

My creative works take a lot of time and energy.

With your support, I can deliver the best possible work to the only audience and customers that truly matter: you.

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